Useful scratch card advices & tips to online scratch game beginners

Scratchcard Tips & advices

This section of our site is dedicated on advice and tips for playing scratch cards and gaming online in general.

Responsible gaming

This is one of the most important if not the MOST important rule of online gaming of any sorts. You should never play if you cannot afford to lose the money you play with.

Try for Free

Don’t forget that the option of playing free scratch cards does exist! Use that option and try the games to find the ones that are best suited for you. Playing with free money is also a great way of trying out the games with bigger bets and card prices.

Low bets = More bets = More Fun

This is also pretty important rule and idea behind it that instead of having 5 seconds of fun playing only 1 card/bet you can actually enjoy the games for much longer and have loads of fun at the same time and at the same time you will have a lot more chances to win. Remember that at CrazyScratch around every 3rd card is a winning one!

Having fun? Join the Club

This tip means that if there is some sort of a “players club” or a “vip club” or any of those, you really should join if you enjoy the games that are offered. By joining Gold Club for example you will receive unique VIP promotions that are only available for the member of the club, they are always exclusive and very profitable, so you really should not miss them. In addition to bonuses, joining the Gold Club will grant you early-access to all the newest games.

Go for the Jackpots

Since online scratch card games are offering huge top prizes, it is quite fair to call them Jackpots. You really should look out for the one called 3WOW, read some more about it at our “best scratch card” page, to find out more about this £1 Million scratch card. Even though other games do not offer this Mega prize, the £200,000 offered by basically all games at Crazy Scratch is definitely something to aim for. To compete for the top prize you need to have the price of the card set to the maximum.

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