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Best Scratch Cards

Everyone has their own opinion about the best of this and that. What do you think is the best scratch card? How do you actually measure the “goodness” of scratch cards?

The best scratch card online : 3WOW

After spending some time researching we have concluded that the overall best scratch card to be found online is 3WOW. This is why:

  • Top prize of £1 Million!
  • On average every 3rd. card will win.
  • Multiplier possibility
  • Price range from £0.25 to £20
  • Two jackpots to aim for. (£200k and £1M)

Play Now!WOW! Will be what you will scream out loud when you scratch three four-leaf clovers from this, rather traditional scratchcard. The goal is to find those three four-leaf clovers but, even if you fail to accomplish this, you can still go for the “basic” top prize of £100,000, which can be doubled by simply joining the Gold Club (which means that the “basic” top prize will be £200,000).

To win £1 Million the price of the card you play with, needs to be £2 or more, and of course the higher the price the bigger the “basic” top prize will be. CrazyScratch offers this incredible scratch card with a claim that every 3rd card wins, and based on our independent testing, it seems to be rather accurate claim.

Other great scratch cards

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for best scratch cards is their "fun-factor", basically this simply means how fun the certain scratch card is to play. It includes the graphics, sounds, possible special effects and of course the win ratio and the top prize.

Since the prizes and win ratio at CrazyScratch.com are basically the same for all games:

  • £100,000 for non-Gold-Club-members
  • £200,000 for Gold-Club-members
  • 1 in 3 cards wins.

All that remains is the actual quality of game and the actual idea behind it. Based on that the best scratch cards at CrazyScratch.com are:

Fast Hands (Rock-Paper-Scissors)

Fast Hands scratch card  at CrazyscratchFast Hands is one of the newest games at Crazy Scratch and it is based on the Rock-Paper-Scissors-game. The idea is naturally to beat the "dealers hand" and you can play with up to six hands at the same time.


Goal Kick (for football fans)

Football scratch card  at CrazyscratchGoal Kick is a football scratch card where the goal is to score more goals than the opposite team. The amount of goals needed to beat the other team can be revealed by scratching the scratch-field beneath it.


Gone Fishing (fishin enthusiasts)

Gone Fishing scratch card  at CrazyscratchAs you can guess Gone Fishing is a scratch card with a fishing theme. Your goal is to choose the right fisherman out of three possible



Darts scratch card at CrazyscratchDarts is a unique scratch card where you get to actually throw darts, the aim is to beat the champion whose score you can see by scratching the corresponding surface.


Bingo Bonanza

Bingo bonanza scratch card  at CrazyscratchAt Bingo Bonanza you can play up to 8 bingo-cards. Your prize depends on how early in the numbers draw you get a full row.

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