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Bingo Scratch Cards

Bingo being one of the easiest going games, it is only natural to find a scratchcard version of it. Both of the games we talk about on this page can be found at Funny thing about these bingo games; they are actually pretty good, even if you compare them to the real Bingo games!

Bingo Scratchcard

Bingo scratch card  at CrazyscratchBingo Scratch card is exactly what it seems to be; a single scratch card that you play much like you would play a bingo card. You will see the Bingo machine randomly dropping the bingo balls and you will also see the bingo card that will automatically mark the numbers that are drawn. What you will not see however are the numbers that you are actually playing with, at least until you scratch the fields open ;). To win a psrize you must get all 5 numbers to match those drawn, for that you have a total of 3 chances per bingo card. As always, £100,000 top prize is open for grabs.

Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza scratch card  at CrazyscratchBingo Bonanza is a bit different scratch card game than the previous “basic” bingo scratch card we talked about. In this game your payout depends on how many bingo balls are drawn before you get a matching 5 numbers in one row for any of the cards. You can play up to 8 bingo cards simultaneously, each of them costing the card price you chose, the sooner you get the 5 in a row the bigger will be the payout, which is also dependant on your bet, so remember to bet high if you plan on winning big prizes. Just as the previous Bingo game, this is extremely nicely done and is just as good as the actual bingo games out there. Bingo Bonanza scratch card is a must-try for anyone who enjoys bingo games.

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