Scratch card jackpots up to million pounds or euros available online at crazy scratch cards!

Scratch Card Jackpots

You can find incredible scratch card jackpots online. And comparing £1 Million or £200,000 jackpots to £2000 or £5000 jackpots offered at more traditional scratchcards does make you wonder; Why should I spend my money on offline scratch cards when I could play them online and get a chance to win 10 or 100 times bigger prizes for the same money I spend on traditional scratch off tickets?

The answer: You should not, instead you should play online as it is easier, you can win more and you can do it anywhere and anytime.


3WOW scratch card Jackpot3WOW scratchcard is a great example of how good the online scratch cards are. Offering a 1-in-3 chance to win is not enough as you can also select the price of the card yourself. Choose from only £0.25 to £10 or £20 and you set the maximum prize of the card at the same time!

To win the £1 Million top prize the price of the card needs to be at least £2 and when you think about it, spending £2 for a chance to win £1 Million, is really not that bad is it?

In addition to the £1,000,000 Jackpot you could win from 3WOW, you can win up to £200,000 from any other game offered at That includes over 80 fun games in total of which around are slots and 50 are scratch cards.

To be able to win the £200,000 jackpot you need to be a member of CrazyScratch Gold Club. The fact that you will double the size of the top prize is not the only thing the Club offers. You will get exclusive VIP bonuses and first-access to the newest games!

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