Learn about Candy tale scratch card - a fun scratch game with a huge 200.000 £/$/€ top prize!

Candy Tale Fantasy Scratch cards

Scratch 9 squares, get 3 matching sweets in a row and win up to $200,000!  Candy Tale scratch cards are amazingly straightforward and they are one of the most gripping instant scratch games offering you the chance to win large sums within minutes. Step into the virtual world of online scratch tickets and take a slice of the action by playing the infamous no download Candy Tale card game! The cash prizes are generous and the payouts are high!

The game is very exciting – getting 3 similar sweets will win you unbelievable prizes and a top prize up to an amazing $200,000 playing this superb free online scratch ticket! The only requirement is to get 3 identical sweets to become a winner!

How to Play Candy Tale Scratchcard

Open the game lobby and enter the world of online scratch games where you will see a number of games in different categories.  Candy Tale scratch can be seen in the ‘Fantasy Scratch’ category. Place your cursor over the Candy Tale icon to get a larger view of the symbol. Click on the icon and the Candy Tale scratch card game opens!

You are then presented with a square which is divided into nine comprising a gummy bear or lollipop symbol. You can either scratch these squares yourself or click on the 'Show All' button to automatically scratch all the scratchable areas of the game. Three matching symbols in a row in any direction, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal will make you a winner. A win multiplier is there at the bottom of every Candy Tale scratch card game, which, upon scratching, reveals the multiplier that is relevant to your prize amount.

The pay tables on the top, left and upper part of the scratch game illustrate what you can win for each vertical, horizontal and diagonal line. Your total win will be the selected card value multiplied by the relevant pay table value, which will again be multiplied by the win multiplier. Thus, if the pay table for the winning line is 2 times the card price and the win multiplier is 5, your total win will be card price x 2 x 5.

Nevertheless, before starting to play this online scratch ticket, you must decide on your price by raising or reducing the card price, which can vary from $0.50 to $20 when you play for real money.  If the card price is high, it enhances the value of the prize also, which can be an incredible $200,000! These online scratch games are inexpensive and can be played by anyone with any budget.

Press the space bar or click on the ‘Play’ tab to begin playing. You will receive one fresh card with 9 squares. You can either separately scratch all nine squares along with the win multiplier or make use of the ‘Scratch all’ button to scratch all the squares. The play button has two more functions, ‘Scratch All’ and ‘Play Again’. By using the ‘Autoplay’ function, you can automate the play for a pre-selected number of scratch games! The toolbar at the bottom left of the game window shows your balance in the cashier and on the right of the toolbar, the highest possible win for the selected price.

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